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virt. Instrumente / Synthesizer

U-He Repro-1 Synthesizer

  • Standalone Software/Instrument oder als Plugin
    PlugIn Hostsystem: nativ (AU,RTAS,VST) | AAX nativ

    - authentic raw analogue sound
    - Component-level modelling of a classic monophonic synth
    - 2 oscillators: saw/pulse and saw/triangle/pulse, including combinations and pulse width modulation.
    - White noise generator
    - Mixer for the audio generators with feedback path for extra bass boost
    - Filter: 4-pole lowpass, capable of self-oscillation. Cutoff, Resonance, dedicated envelope and key tracking controls
    - Amplifier: ADSR envelope with curve trimmer
    - Modulation true to the original, plus an extra 2-slot matrix
    - LFO: saw/triangle/pulse, including combinations
    - Extra modulation sources: AR/ASR envelope adopted from the wavefolder effect, plus Trigger and Gate
    - Arpeggiator: up or up/down, latch mode
    - Sequencer: Two-patterns, step recording: Editable pitch/velocity, note/tie/pause status per step, max. 32-notes each pattern (or 64 notes when chained). Copy/paste and rotate functions, save/load
    - 5 built-in effects: wavefolder/distortion, delay/chorus, EQ/resonator, reverb, sonic conditioner/dynamics processor
    - 500 factory presets



    Youtube Video / Demosong